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【Indonesia】Powering your business recovery through rezio digitalization
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rezio is Asia’s one and only booking management platform designed for the Tourism Industry to help digitalise local businesses and connect them to the world.

In this online webinar, we will be sharing with you how rezio will support your business growth in a post Covid-19 world and bring your business to the digital edge with our state of the art technology.


Online Webinar

* The amount is subjected to the payment page.

The Experience

According to the statistical estimations by the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization), the number of multinational tourists has decreased more than 30% in 2020. Also, the World Tourism Association estimates that in Asia alone, there will be 63 million tourism-related jobs that might be affected by the global pandemic. Through this pandemic, we understand that people have a strong aspiration and desire towards touring, which will definitely spur the recovery of the tourism industry.

Traditional tourism industries are facing a different set of challenges than those born in the digital era. Needless to say, generally, people are now booking these tours online. 40% of the bookings are made online of which over 75% are mobile transactions. 33% of these bookings are reserved in 1-7 days.

However, you may encounter multiple issues when you handle online bookings, e.g. how to integrate them together?

No worries, rezio will be your best support! We believe that after this webinar, you will have a better understanding on how you can grow your business in the digital edge.

Let's work hand in hand to create more opportunities in the tourism industry and grow the business together.

- What's rezio -

・One stop integrated system for all your different types of travel booking requirements
・Build your own booking website with just a few steps and begin accepting orders quickly
・Welcome your customers with our intuitive and friendly user interface
・Accept orders 24/7 with just a click on your mobile
・Converge order and product management from various online travel agencies

- Webinar Exclusive Discount -

Enjoy a special offer when you sign up at the end of this webinar!

How to Use

  • Voucher will be sent via email. Please show your e-voucher at designated location.

Purchase Notice

・Once you have RSVP for the Online Webinar with the "Book Now" button, a voucher that includes all the log in details for the webinar will be sent to your email.

Cancellation Policy

  • Fully refundable (100% refund)

【Indonesia】Powering your business recovery through rezio digitalization